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Chelsie & Joe
1st-time parents to be

I signed up for the course with no idea of how birth worked or how I'd manage once I was in labour, let alone how my husband could support me with that and feel involved. I learnt so much from Torie in such a short space of time. This includes, how my body will work in birth and how I can relax, support that process and essentially to trust that I do know what I'm doing.


I really enjoyed the relaxation practice and learning what I can do now to support that process when the time comes. This is something that I've begun to build into daily life (both individually and with my partner) so that it is ready to go when my baby wants to arrive.


Torie is a brilliant hypno-birthing teacher with so much knowledge all delivered in such a cosy and inviting space. The information is delivered in a simple and very engaging format, still allowing room for discussion around the material and the 'what if' questions that you might have.


The support following the course is also brilliant and you don't feel 'left alone' with the material. I loved this course and would recommend it to anyone that might be considering hypno-birthing! 

Jisha & Tony
1st-time parents to baby Isabelle

Before we started this course, me and Jisha was very confused and not very sure regarding our roles during labour. I especially was clueless regarding what to expect and what to do during labour. Since we started the course with Torie, she really did open our eyes into a world that we didn't even know about. Talked about different hormones, different relaxation techniques and a lot more which boosted up our/my confidence.


I loved every single session we had and me and Jisha was honestly upset that the course came to an end. Loved the little snacks she provided to keep us cosy and comfortable too! I will definitely recommend this course to absolutely anyone who is looking to learn more about labour!

Anna & Dean
2nd-time parents to baby M

Torie was fantastic - her hypnobirthing classes made me feel more confident ahead of the birth of my second child. Whether you have a set idea of the birth you want or you’re looking for guidance, she can give you the help you need. And whatever happens (as childbirth is rarely straightforward or goes as planned), you’ll be much more likely to have a positive experience thanks to her support and preparation.

Beth & Andy
1st-time parents to baby Dylan

I cannot recommend Kinship hypnobirthing enough! My husband and I are expecting our first baby, so did an online course with Torie, and it was absolutely amazing. For me, the course was a total game changer. Not just in how I feel about birth, but in a huge variety of situations. I expected to learn things like relaxation and breathing techniques, affirmations and visualisation (which I did and loved!) but what I was not expecting was to come away feeling so empowered. I feel like I now have the tools and the confidence to make the best decisions for me and my baby.


I really enjoyed talking to my midwife about everything I learned on the course and she is now recommending the birth planning method Torie taught us on the course to all of her patients, which I think is amazing! Torie is one of the loveliest people, an incredible teacher and has been an amazing support. I am so glad to be a part of her Kinship community!

Catherine & Paul
1st-time parents to baby Kit

As a first-time parent I found it really overwhelming trying to wade through all the information thrown at you during pregnancy, and it didn't help to ease anxieties I had thinking ahead to the birth. That's where I found Torie's course incredibly helpful - the comprehensive structure made learning about pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period in a really manageable, positive and engaging way.


Torie's genuine passion for hypnobirthing shone through the zoom screen, and she was incredibly supportive throughout the process. The the advice and recommendations provided, both the sessions and in our Whatsapp group, has really helped me to more effectively visualise and emotionally and psychically prepare for my birth. I feel confident and empowered, and know my husband feels far more prepared for his role as the birth partner too. Thank you, Torie!

Caiomhe & Brian
1st-time parents


Torie's hypnobirthing course really changed my mindset about birth. Beginning the course I was nervous & unsure what to expect and I walked away feeling excited about birth. I gained a complete understanding of all birth options & I can now make an informed decision on the best option for me & my partner. Torie's classes are fun & engaging... we laughed so much throughout. If you want to feel educated & informed in an open, safe & fun environment then this is the course for you!

I can't believe the impact on Brian! In his own words, he said he never would have picked up a book on birthing and was very reluctant at the start of the course as he wasn't sure what to expect. I think he imagined the breathing classes from the movies. He's walked away so happy & ready for birth and won't stop telling people about the benefits of hypnobirthing

I walked away feeling educated & informed, what else could I want?! You created a very open, safe & relaxing environment from the first minute which is not easy to do on Zoom. 



This course is a must for any expectant parents! Torie is a fantastic teacher; engaging, informative and friendly, and the material is really eye-opening. Cast aside any preconceptions you may have about hypno-birthing - this course is educational and enlightening, all in a relaxed setting and you'll come away feeling better prepared and truly excited for what lays ahead.

Charlotte & Rich
1st-time parents

I learned a lot on this course and it actually really helped me mentally prepare and come to terms with birth and the ins and outs of labour and all my rights and choices. The breathing techniques and relaxation tapes were great and something I'll definitely continue to do in preparation. Overall, feeling really positive about giving birth and empowered to do it the way I want to without fear.

Sally & Ash
2nd-time parents

Torie is a wonderful, genuine educator, who is passionate about you having the birth that is right for you. She spends time ensuring that you are comfortable with the options available to you and provides you with the tools to make the best decisions for you and your baby. There is no judgment - just warmth, sensitivity and humour which helps create a sense of community between you and your fellow birthers. As second time parents, we now feel confident that we can advocate more strongly for ourselves this time around. Having done the usual prenatal courses before, I would definitely recommend Torie's course to first time parents and as a refresher for next time parents as well, as it covers everything from the physiology of birth to our rights as birthers and more. I am excited to be a part of Kinship's community and can't wait for our virtual meetups and to see some babies soon. Thank you Torie!

Thara & Shanga
1st-time parents


This course is very useful and worth doing. I was very nervous and lack of knowledge before the course but after I was very positive and strong to give birth to my baby. Torrie is a very helpful and dedicated teacher can approach at anytime. Very interesting course and worth for money. Definitely recommend doing specially first time parents. Birth partners get involved so it’s a very good experience. Feel so strong after doing the course


Very good course, highly recommend, worth doing, Torie is a very good teacher and knowledgable. I felt so good after doing the course as a birth partner. Full of knowledge

Obbie & Azuka
1st-time parents

Torie, I am so happy and fortunate that I got to take this course with you. I learnt so much from the sessions- lessons that will not only help me kick ass while I birth my first (of many lol) but lessons on positivity and the power of visualisations and affirmations that I can use every day for the rest of my life. You truly are an amazing person and teaching is definitely one of your gifts to humanity. You took us through the invaluable course so seamlessly it felt like an evening hang out session with the girls- minus the wine. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us (you birthing guru)! It’s hard to pick what part I enjoyed the most because I can honestly say every single bit of the course was amazing! Thanks again Torie!

Rosie & Jed
2nd-time parents to baby Margot


I find the physiology of birth fascinating and coupled with the ‘toolkit’ (visualisations, positive mindset work), I feel this really helps me understand and prepare for what’s to come. I didn’t really think about the post-partum aspect previously but this has really given me something to think about, especially as this is baby number 2 so we will have less time this time round. 

Torie managed the group really well, making us feel comfortable and building a genuine connection with the others which facilitated interesting discussions and a positive rapport.

She has a great energy; a genuine love for the topic and a desire to instil that in others; a perfect blend between being the expert and sharing your own honest experience.

I love that the course initiates wonderful conversations between me and Jed about pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.



Such a brilliant course. Torie is fantastic and she delivers with such charisma and assurance. The content is brilliant and has definitely given me way more confidence to approach the birthing experience with positivity and knowledge that we have the potential to shape the experience in a hugely positive way.

Liz & Elie
2nd-time parents

Torie was such a warm, compassionate and knowledgeable course leader. She answered all questions with ease and provided a wonderful combination of research-driven data along with anecdotal evidence. She was very clear with what her role was and provided sources for us to gain further knowledge as necessary. The course was well structured and provided with a secure level of understanding of different aspects of labour/birth as well as how to prepare for this and how to prepare for post-natal life. Along with this, for me, this most important part was how empowering Torie was at helping us understand how we have the ability to make choices and guided us on how to do so. Thank you for a wonderful course!

Stacey & Steve
1st-time parents

Torie is a wonderful hypnobirthing teacher and the course covers something for everyone. Knowing more about birth, my rights and the tools provided has made me feel more at ease about my birth. I enjoyed learning about the biology behind birth and that we are born to do this. No matter what type of birth I have, it will be beautiful and my decisions will be well informed

1st-time birth partner & father

Hypnobirthing in my recent experience is far from any kind of mind trick that the name would suggest, it was just sensible conversations around what can/will happen in an unpredictable situation. Giving me and my partner the time ahead of labour to discuss and settle on things that we wanted to happen and things that we wanted to avoid. I have little doubt that we would all have survived labour if we'd not attended, but joining the course has given us a wealth of ideas and knowledge that we would never have considered via the NHS or under our own endeavours and therefore I would recommend hugely.

Planned Caesarean Birth of baby Harry

I contacted Torie to give me a one-to-one hypnobirthing refresher course. I had done hypnobirthing classes with my second baby, but because I was having a caesarean with my third, I felt I needed something more personal. Torie instantly understood this, and the importance of hypnobirthing preparation for a caesarean delivery. Taking into account my previous birth histories, she designed a course that was bespoke and specific to me and my needs.


As well as helping me harness key hypnobirthing techniques, Torie guided me through exactly what a gentle caesarean could look like, and what the choices available to me were. I went to my pre-op appointment feeling empowered and confident that I could achieve the most beautiful birth possible.


Another thing that was brilliant was Torie’s post-partum preparation guidance. What with work, two children at home and Christmas to prepare for, self-care had slipped down my to-do list! Torie had some brilliant strategies for how to make the first few weeks with our new baby as comfortable and stress-free as possible for me and my husband.


I felt so completely supported and empowered by Torie throughout my birthing journey. Her dedication, care and passion for her work is so clear and I would highly recommend hypnobirthing with Torie.

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