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Kinship Circles

Mothers Circles in Essex

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You might have seen pictures or stories of circles and wondered what they were all about.


You might never have heard of them, and this is all brand new.


Read on to find out more about what they are and how powerful they can be as part of your postpartum experience...

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Women have been gathering in circle since time began. Listening. Sharing. Connecting. Being deeply held and heard by members of their community. Kinship Circles are a space for you to reclaim this ancient tradition that is so natural and needed in our busy world.


The transition to motherhood, matresence, is intense, whether it is your first time or your fifth. Kinship Circles is a space for mothers to gather together and find community and healing in the power of not being alone. 

In the world of parenting, we often find we are bombarded with advice and opinions. Mostly conflicting and very often overwhelming. Sometimes, in all that noise, what gets lost is our self trust, and the ability to tune into our own mothering instincts. At Kinship Circle, you get to come exactly as you are and you won't be offered advice or solutions. Instead, we will offer you deep listening and support. 

Kinship Circles Testimonials

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"It felt so special to be held and listened made me remember myself."

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"We as parents - our comfort, needs, connections and feelings - were the focus."

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"So rare to find something that was focussed on us as mothers."

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"There was a feeling of unity amongst us, free of judgement."

Kinship Circles run every Thursday during term time. Each circle follows a simple pattern though the themes and activities will change.


After a grounding exercise to calm our nervous systems and calling ourselves into circle help us feel present in the space, we will share from the heart around the circle, just as our ancestors would have done.


There will be themes and topics that I introduce as a facilitator, but whatever comes up for you to share is always welcome. We will eat snacks and drink hot teas to warm and nourish our bodies. We will stretch and move our bodies, ironing out some of the kinks of nursing, co sleeping, carrying our babies. And we will use our hands to create some simple art or craft as we chat & laugh.


If this is brand new, you are not alone. Despite craving this sort of space so deeply in my own postpartum periods, the very first circle I ran at the start of 2022 was the first one I had attended in person.  Almost everyone who has attended Kinship Circles so far has been new to circles.  I am here as your guide and facilitator, but I am not your teacher. Sitting in circle we are all equal, and together we co create the beautiful space for each other.


After circle, I hope you return to your day and your family with your cup overflowing with connection and sisterhood, and that this helps you walk the sometimes difficult path of motherhood with more joy and ease. 

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 Ready to join Kinship Circles? 


You can book onto Kinship Circle with a class pass. You can choose to buy one pass individually, or save money by buying a block of 4 or 8. If you have leftover passes from Pregnancy Relaxation Circles, these can be used for Kinship Circles. 

Once you have bought your circle pass, you can login and choose which classes on the calendar suit you and book yourself in. I can't wait to sit in circle with you.