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The Signature Kinship Group Hypnobirthing Course

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Want to ask a question? Or see if we're a good fit to work together? Book a free 20 minute chat with me at a time that works for you. 

We can have a chat on the phone or via zoom, and you we can speak 1:1 or with your birth partner. 

With a Kinship Group Hypnobirthing Course, you'll get:


  • 10 hours of teaching time with me. 

  • The knowledge of what exactly is going on in your body during labour and birth and how you can help it do its job

  • A toolkit of practical techniques to practise during pregnancy that will keep you feeling calm and in control during labour and birth- one of these is breathing but there’s so much more.

  • A deep understanding of how your brain affects everything in birth, and how you can use this to your advantage- harness those hormones!

  • The ability to find your POWER and trust in your body’s abilities to birth this baby, your way

  • Practical advice about how to get your body prepped for birth

  • Access to my private client hub packed full of resources, links and guidance to help you prepare for birth. 

  • Guidance in writing birth plans, example birth plans shared by my previous clients and a template to help you write yours

  • All the information, tips and techniques your birth partner/team need to take an active and essential role in supporting you

  • Discussion of special circumstances in birth and how to have a positive birth experience even when the plans change- induction, caesarean birth, breech birth

  • The full low down on your OPTIONS. Yes, that’s right, you have many, and if you don’t know them, you can’t fight for them. Knowledge is POWER.

  • A birth environment education. Where you give birth matters….but it’s not what you think. You can turn any space into the perfect birthing place and I’ll show you how.

  • A carefully curated goodie bag of items to support you in your birth prep journey including affirmation cards, essential oils and your course companion handbooks for birth and postpartum. 

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But what about what comes next? The postpartum period, or ‘fourth trimester,’ is so often forgotten in our antenatal planning. Not at Kinship. I’ll cover what you can do to prepare for parenthood whether you are preparing to meet your firstborn or welcoming a sibling into your family. This matters and you deserve to take some time to plan for your own needs in the postpartum period. Your workbook 'Nourishing & supporting yourself in your postpartum' will support you on this journey. 

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     Then there's the extras. You'll also get

  • A POWER HOUR 1:1 session with me on Zoom to discuss any area of your birth you want (induction, VBAC, 4th trimester- you choose!), worth £60.

  • My support in signposting you to relevant research and information throughout your pregnancy. 

  • I have an incredible network of birthworkers to call on when I need a hive mind. Whether it is an impartial opinion from Midwife Katie @thebirthuprising, or a link to great local doulas, lactation consultants or other birth and baby support, me and my gang can hook you up.  

  • Access to the Kinship Community- whatsapp groups, facebook groups and monthly meetups- to help you build your village

  • Access to the Kinship Client Hub- the private area of the website with tonnes of free information- links, prerecorded videos, MP3s for you to download to support your pregnancy relaxation journey. 

  • 50% off your first block of Kinship Circles. Four weeks of gathering in circle in the Kinship space in Coggeshall for women and birthing folk where you get the chance to reflect, connect and regroup in the final part of your pregnancy and those early weeks and months of your postpartum.  

  • A breastfeeding preparation workshop by Alix @thebirthuprising

  • A pre recorded baby massage course by Jade @thebirthuprising

  • Pregnancy and postnatal yoga tips videos from Lizzie @lizzieedwardsyoga

  • An introduction to slings video from Becky  @beckyyoungcarryingconsultancy

  • An introduction to starting solids video from Sarah @sartingsolids

  • None of this ends with the birth of your baby, that is just the beginning, the Kinship community is for life

Kinship connection support parent mothers community essex


Kinship connection support parent mothers community essex