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Learn more about hypnobirthing...

Positive birth experiences aren't about having a vaginal birth with no pain relief. They're about doing things your way and  feeling informed and supported. I've got you covered with both. 

And Hypnobirthing isn't some wishy washy idea that just teaches you to hum your pain away or focus on your vagina opening like a lotus flower. Or it isn't the way I teach it. 


When you know what to expect, and how to dismantle and reject your fears, you can look forward to your birth with confidence, ready to find your power!

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Your body is amazing. It’s growing a tiny human being and fairly soon you will be holding your little baby in your arms, gazing into their eyes.


But what about the bit that comes first? Your labour and birth?


Are you trying not to think about it because it leaves you feeling, at best, anxious, or at worst, terrified? Are you planning to just ‘go with the flow’ and hoping to be one of the lucky ones?


Remember: Your body is AMAZING. You can have an incredible labour and birth experience. How? You need to get informed about birth, your body and definitely your birth RIGHTS! A Kinship hypnobirthing course will do all three. 


As the course goes on your will begin to ditch the fear you’ve been holding on to and begin to feel calm and confident about your upcoming birth and the postnatal period.

Got more questions? Have a look at my FAQs: 
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Group Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Courses in Essex

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What about my birth partner?

If you or your birth partner are unsure about what exactly they are meant to be doing on the big day, you are not alone, and you've come to the right place.

Your birth partner knows you better than anyone else who is going to be in the room, and this course will give them the confidence to step into that expert mindset. 

With loads of practical information and a deeper understanding of the birth process, the Kinship course will leave your birth partner feeling just as excited as you are about your labour and birth. 

Head over to my testimonials page to read
hat past clients have said about my courses:

Hypnobirthing Couses

My group hypnobirthing course is a one day event,  full of hypnobirthing & antenatal prep packed with information and interactive learning to help you feel confident about birth.

You & your birth partner will:

  • understand the biology of birth & what you can do to help your body in birth. This part is AMAZING and just knowing it will boost your confidence in yourself.

  • learn hypnobirthing techniques that will help you feel relaxed in pregnancy and keep you calm and in control in labour. Breathing techniques are just one element to this- you'll learn tonnes more!

  • have a deep understanding of how your brain affects everything in birth, and how you can use this to your advantage- harness those hormones!

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  • get practical guidance on birth planning & the opportunity to open these conversations with your partner in a safe & encouraging space. You get to make these plans together & feel excited about them! 

  • Birth partners: you will learn so many techniques for helping your partner to feel calm in labour. We'll demystify your role so that you too can feel full of confidence about what your place is in the birth space, because you play a vital part. 

  • learn about the different options for place of birth and total birth environment education. Where you hive birth matters...but its not what you think. You can turn any space into the perfect space for birth and I'll show you how.

  • have time to think through and reflect on different scenarios, so that even if your plans change you will feel confident in making the right decisions for you, with amazing decision making frameworks.

  • get the full low down on your options. Yes, that's right, you have many, and if you don't know them, you can't ask for them. Knowledge is POWER. 

  • meet other parents-to-be due at a similar time & go on this journey together. Building your community in parenthood is so important and it starts here. 

  • discuss special circumstances in birth and how to have a positive birth experience no matter how you birth your baby and even when the plans change. We cover caesarean birth, breech birth, induction and more. 

  • talk about what happens when your baby is born & how to prepare for the 4th trimester to have a nourished and supported postpartum. This part is vital and often gets forgotten. 

  • leave the course with a huge amount of new knowledge, but most importantly you'll feel confident to tune into the power & intuition you already hold in knowing how to birth your baby. 

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​All this and SO much more. There are tonnes of course extras that come with this day including: 

  • a carefully curated goodie bag of items to support you in your birth prep journey including affirmation cards, essential oils and your course companion handbooks for birth and postpartum. 

  • access to The Birth Uprising Digital Course so you can revisit any learning in your own time

  • a year's access to my Kinship Client Hub: the place you'll find relaxation MP3s to support your hypnobirthing practise, extra videos and links to additional resources. 

  • my ongoing support via WhatsApp even after your course has ended. You'll have a group WhatsApp chat with your course mates, but you can message me for 1:1 support outside of that if you need to. 

  • A free 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with me to chat about any aspect of your birth preparation, with follow up resources and reading links if required. 

  • A two class passes to be used at either Pregnancy Relaxation Circle or a Kinship Circle with your baby.

  • Access to browse and borrow from my library of books to help you prepare for birth and the postpartum period. 

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Check out upcoming course dates here...

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Want to ask a question? Or see if we're a good fit to work together? Book a free 20 minute chat with me at a time that works for you. 

We can have a chat on the phone or via zoom, and we can speak 1:1 or with your birth partner. 
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Kinship connection support parent mothers community essex

Ready to step into your birthing power and book onto a Kinship hypnobirthing course?

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