Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Courses in Essex

Welcome to Kinship. I'm Torie.

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I run modern, inclusive hypnobirthing group sessions in Essex anyone wanting to prepare for their birth without fear.

You've probably been told a lot of horror stories about birth. Forget them. Birth doesn’t have to be that way.  

I'm here to show you how you can have an incredible, empowered experience, whichever type of birth you choose.

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Want to ask a question? Or see if we're a good fit to work together? Book a free 15 minute chat with me. 
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Kinship parent community new parents meet other expectant parents make lifelong friends.pn
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Why choose Kinship?

It's not just about your birth here at Kinship.

When you become a parent, having friends that understand what you're going through is absolutely essential.

That's why connection and support are part of the deal. I offer a range of extras to help you build your village. 
Join a Kinship Circle to connect with other mothers & parents deeply over a period of time. Or drop into one of my Coffee & Connect sessions for some low key chat, play & connection. 
a feeling of being close or similar to other people or things
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Why choose me?

I'm a mum of two hypnobabies. Both of them born at home. Different births, different scenarios, but both equally intense and empowering. I'd give birth again tomorrow for that high. 

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I've been a teacher for over a decade. Working in the early years and supporting families is what I know, and what I'm passionate about. 

I've put my teaching expertise into my hypnobirthing course to make sure you enjoy the lessons and you leave having learnt everything you need to know for a positive and powerful birth experience. Whether it is online or in person, the Kinship course is fun and interactive, because that's the way we learn best. 

Despite the questionable name 'hypnobirthing,' I actually fell for it the first time I stumbled upon it because I read about twenty positive hypnobirth stories in a row.  But I totally get why people are so sceptical, which is why I've teamed up with The Birth Uprising to level up my Hypnobirthing Diploma and teach you the no-nonsense way. Read the typical questions I get about hypnobirthing here

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Every month I host a free introduction to Hypnobirthing session in the Kinship space in Coggeshall. 


The sessions about 45 minutes long, gives you a taste of what hypnobirthing is all about and a chance to meet me and ask any questions you might have. The sessions are usually on a Sunday morning, so come along, grab a cup of tea or coffee and learn a bit about birth & hypnobirthing. 


What my hypnobirthing clients say....

Torie is a brilliant hypno-birthing teacher with so much knowledge all delivered in such a cosy and inviting space. The information is delivered in a simple and very engaging format, still allowing room for discussion around the material and the 'what if' questions that you might have. The support following the course is also brilliant and you don't feel 'left alone' with the material. I loved this course and would recommend it to anyone that might be considering hypno-birthing! 

Chelsie, First-time mother-to-be, after finishing her course. 

I felt so completely supported and empowered by Torie throughout my birthing journey. Her dedication, care and passion for her work is so clear and I would highly recommend hypnobirthing with Torie.

Anna, mother of three, following her planned Caesarean Birth


I didn't know what to expect but thought it might be a bit hippie, but I soon realised this was wrong. Often you hear new parents say things like "I wish someone had told us that before" and I feel like a lot of those stories/instances are covered in this course. I am far less anxious now and feel far better prepared for what lays ahead.

Brian, First-time father-to-be, after finishing his course.

I think something clicked in my brain tonight that trusting my gut or questioning medical professionals about my own health or my birth isn’t going to make them think that I’m uninformed or a bad person, it’s entirely my right, and if they don’t accept that then they are the problem. Game changer! Thank you so much. Feeling so empowered now. 

Beth, First-time mother-to-be after session 3/4 of her course. Read Beth's incredible birth story.